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About Us


Our purpose is to develop chess all over world by focusing on fresh minds. With the founder’s idea 24 Chess & Demon Chess initiative “Chess for Kids at early age” which has been a huge responsive in all over the “World”. Our Chief advisor Sir Narendra Chowdary, Headmaster of ZP High School, who is most supportive to 24 Chess & Demon Chess and also senior mentor in 24 Chess.

Our main objective is to develop Chess game, bring out young talents and boost chess all over the world. Our Trainers help your child to improve their logical thinking, concentration, innovative, reasoning skills, under the professional experienced Rated coaches. “Enroll” your child and see the benefits.

What topics we cover

200+ Topics

Our Houses For Chess Training


Diligent house

Beginner to master level, Cinematic Chess video content from beginner to master level about 24 hours, designed by great GM’s and IM’s and Reputed Chess Coaches all over the world.


Great House

Great coaches throughout the world appear live here for training with best experiences & examples enhancing your game as a keep going course with a limited kids(4-6) in a batch.


Gift Hall

Live regular webinar classes happen here with perfect designed course approach to encourage young talented kids, but it’s a webinar class with more kids with prices very low.


Skill House

We invite great players & coaches of all time to give some guest lectures about the new combinations occured in the recent tournament studies and sharing their experiences.

Why 24 Chess

We are dedicated to broadening and developing chess as art, recreation, and as a significant element of culture across the Globe.

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